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Line Rainbow

The following historical pedigrees include some of the dogs behind our breeding program. Just click on the dog's name and away you go. We will be adding to this section periodically.

If you find any errors or have additional information, especially photos -- please let us know.

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J - Alphabetically listed

Jagatai of Hensey Hobby Farm
Ch Jaguar Jehan of Malora
Jalma's Cream Puff
Jaspis von Bergland
Jewel of Lenoken
Jim de Nikitinsk
Jolly Roger of Malora
Jowag's Amiable Imp
Jowag's Impish Wolff
Jowag's Krassai
Jowag's Nugat Wolfschmidtzoff
Jowag's Valivka
Juna of Romanoff

Line Rainbow

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