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Internet user privacy is of paramount importance to Kifka Borzoi. The following information is about our commitment to protecting the visitor privacy and ensuring the integrity of our site. is Anonymous

We do not know the name, email address, phone number, or home address of anybody who visits unless you choose to provide us with this information. We will not sell or rent any such information to third parties.

No "Cookies"

Cookies are small text files that allow a Web site to recognize a repeat visitor to its site. Cookies are not programs that damage files on a user's system. does not use cookies except as a user choosen diagnostic tool on "The Truth About Cookies" page, and does not anticipate any additional uses of cookies in the immediate future. If this situation changes, the appropriate disclosure will be provided on this page and elsewhere as we deem necessary.

This is our stance on privacy, and full disclosure on the use of cookies. Contact us directly with any further questions or concerns regarding this statement.

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