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Line Rainbow

The following historical pedigrees include some of the dogs behind our breeding program. Just click on the dog's name and away you go. We will be adding to this section periodically.

If you find any errors or have additional information, especially photos -- please let us know.

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C - Alphabetically listed

Cardigan Ranson
Careless Nora of Nenefen
Carin v Samarkend
Ch Carina v Peterhof
Carisima of Woodcourt
Carla v Marcolid
Carlotta of Fortrouge
Chack Bielaja
Chack Kozak of Shay
Chagama v Merdödy
Ch Challenge
Ch Chancellor's Cornnitza
Chara of Bransgore
Charburn Mermaid
Charis von Bismarkturm
Ch Chic De l'Ermitage
Chinchilla of Barnaigh
Chita v d Horde
Chuda of Alpine
Cinderella of Cordova
Clayton Snatcher
Cleou Hassia
Ch Clou Ural
Ch Clown Beekall
Condor Alexander
Ch Cordova Mishka of Baronoff
Ch Cordova's Batyi of Baronoff
Cresta v Sachsenwald
Cresta's Husdent
Curac vom Römerhügel
Curio of Fortrouge
Cyclame v Hohenzollern
Czar of Askarova
Czardas Krasnoje Selo
Czarina Alma
Czarina Anna Semenovna
Ch Czarina HHF of Gwejon, Am Can CDX
Czarina of Burnage
Czarina of Ladoga
Czarina Zhe

Line Rainbow

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