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Line Rainbow

The following historical pedigrees include some of the dogs behind our breeding program. Just click on the dog's name and away you go. We will be adding to this section periodically.

If you find any errors or have additional information, especially photos -- please let us know.

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M - Alphabetically listed

Magali van Arenberghof
Magna of Romanoff
Maid of Honor
Maid of The Mountains
Ch Malora Timur Sian of Twin Elms
Malora's Beata of Sunbarr
Malora's Bede of Sunbarr
Malora's Bianca of Sunbarr
Malora's Bryan of Sunbarr
Malora's Sarita of Marbob
Mara Alexander
Mara Pascholl
Ch Mara Slava
Marcellus of Fortrouge
Ch Marie of Addlestone
Marie of Haywra
Marika of Mantavani
Marketa of Mantavani
Markina of Mantavani
Ch Marvola Adams
Marya of Northfield
Marza Steinach Bielaja
Matador Ural
Ch Mazan Lubov of Pavlov Crest
Mazar Nadia
Ch Mazar-Zorka of Pavlov Crest
Mazeppa Brazhnikoff
Meleya de l'Ar Vro Goz
Ch Mendeleev of Cordova
Menthe's Golden Clou of Greenhaven
Ch Midtfyns Boja (Danish import)
Ch Mikhail of Woodhill
Ch Milka
Milka (a)
Mimose v Silberhof
Mischa of Addlestone
Eng Ch Miss Mazeppe of Barnaigh
Miss Misty of Sunbarr
Ch Miss Piostri
Mitzi of Mena
Moja Krasnoje Selo
Am Can Mex Ch Morningstar Mir von Berghof
Eng Ch Moryak of Moskowa
Moskowa Borzaya of Bransgore
Mova of Mantavani
Mr Guy of Sleeping Bear
Muscovy's Rhapsody
Mythe Felia
Mythe Galitzen
Mythe Grishka
Ch Mythe Ivanoff
Mythe Ivanoff of Alpine
Mythe Malodka
Ch Mythe Marika
Eng Ch Mythe Marinsky
Eng Ch Mythe Marousia
Mythe Marova
Eng Ch Mythe Mauris
Ch Mythe Maxim
Eng Ch Mythe Mazeppa
Ch Mythe Mischa
Mythe Moya
Mythe Novikoff
Ch Mythe Petchora
Eng Ch Mythe Petroushka
Mythe Petrovna
Mythe Planza
Mythe Ruszka
Mythe Vaga
Mythe Valda
Mythe Vanda
Ch Mythe Vanita
Mythe Vera
Mythe Vida
Mythe Vilya
Mythe Volga

Line Rainbow

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