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Line Rainbow

The following historical pedigrees include some of the dogs behind our breeding program. Just click on the dog's name and away you go. We will be adding to this section periodically.

If you find any errors or have additional information, especially photos -- please let us know.

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R - Alphabetically listed

Ch Rachmaninoff
Radames v Silberhof
Ch Raef Rohan von Berghof, FCh
Ch Rajah Ranger
Ramadan Cygne (English import)
Ramadan Koraleva Chevry
Ramadan Righ
Ch Ramadi of Sunbarr Ranch
Ch Ramsden Rainbow
Ch Ramsden Rajah
Ch Ramsden Ranger
Ch Ramsden Refrain
Rasswets Dido
Rasswets Fanal
Ch Rasswets Flame
Intl Ch Rasswets Hochmut
Rasswets Lasso
Rasswets Marotte
Rasswets Nimbus
Rasswets Nobler
Rasswets Orik
Red Cloud of Barnaigh
Eng Ch Reyas Black Magic
Reyas Mende
Reyas Ringer
Reyas Rodin
Eng Ch Reyas Romancer
Reyas Rusalka
Eng Ch Reyas Sandra
Reyes Sapphire of Borrowska
Rezwa II
Eng Ch Rimski of Rydens
Rimski of Sunbarr Ranch
Ripley Naomi
Ripley Perfection
Eng Ch Ripley White Marquis
Ripley Zara
Ch Ristovia's Count Karajan
Ch Ristovia's Felwood Boja
Ristovia's Prince Igorsky
Ristovia's Quicksilver
Ristovia's Shazara Cione
Ritzi of the Hills
Rodina Alexandroff
Intl Ch Romanoff Alexander
Romanoff Thello von Koenigsen
Romulus of Sunbarr
Ch Ronia
Royal Langbrith
Rozaweia of Blizka Voda
Rubinoff Babe
Ch Rubinoff Boy
Rune vom Silberhof
Ch Rurik Ural
Russelka Krasnoje Selo
Ruth Ellen of Haywra
Rydens Periwinkle of Hindham

Line Rainbow

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