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Line Rainbow

The following historical pedigrees include some of the dogs behind our breeding program. Just click on the dog's name and away you go. We will be adding to this section periodically.

If you find any errors or have additional information, especially photos -- please let us know.

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S - Alphabetically listed

Eng Ch Sabre of Yadasar
Safa O'Valley Farm
Saiga of Grador
Salome of Tangmere
Salta Perchino
Ch Sari
Sarna of Twin Elms
Sascha Frisia Pascholl
Ch Sascha of Baronoff
Sasha's Sensation
Saskia of Tac Mar
Seiga of Hensey Hobby Farm
Ch Seiger Yerres v Bergland
Ch Seigerian Ptitschka Perchino
Ch Sergai-Frisia Paschol
Sergei of Hensey Hobby Farm
Shadow of the Moon
Shanna Contessa von Berghof
Shelbor's Anadoyomene
Sherekhan Valla
Shining Cloud
Shoka von Bergland
Eng Ch Sholwood Seraph
Ch Siegerin of Addelstone
Sigah Alanick
Sillnow Wergei
Am Can Ch Sirhan Kaissack
Can Ch Sirhan Krilatka
Sirhan Podar of Sunbarr
BIS BISS Am Can Ch Sirhan Poraschai
Am Can Ch Sirhan Porchai
Am Can Ch Sirhan Raskolnika
Sirhan Sasha
BIS Am Can Ch Sirhan Tatyana
Ch Solentse Ternovnek of Alpine, CD
Solo of Barnaigh (Scotch import)
Intl Ch Songbird
Sonja's Alfridy v Vredewold
Sonja-Iwan v Vredewold
Sorva of Romanoff
Ch Sovna of Romanoff
Sovona of Frontier
Sparrowhawk of Addlestone
Ch Splendour of Malora
Springbank Lili
Eng Ch Springbank Reyas Raincloud
St Arven's Moscow Moonlight
St George of Manderlea
Am Can Ch St Just Krillut of Sirhan
St Nicol's Diana
Ch Statesman
Stepnjakov's Anna
Stepnjakov's Nikolai
Stillwater Argyle of Sunbarr
Stillwater Bernadette
Stillwater Billie Jean
Stillwater Comin thru the Rye
Stillwater Hoedown
Stillwater Islands in T'Stream
Stillwater Jacl'n of Czergoah
Ch Stillwater Jerusalem Ridge
Stillwater Jubilee
Stillwater Kracota Krashne
Stillwater Kracota Krashne II
Stillwater O'Ill Flyaway
Ch Stillwater R'Hayne Hoheit
Stillwater Rock Island Line
Ch Stillwater Saria of Sunbarr
Stillwater Shenandoah II
Stillwater the Tennessean
Stillwater Unclouded Day
Am Eng Ch Stillwater Virginia Reel
Ch Stillwater Whiffenpoof
Stillwater Wildwood Flower
Ch Stillwater's Genie of Sunbarr
Ch Sultana of Shondar
Sunbarr's Mikala
Sunbarr's Moonlight Sonata
Sunbarr's Night Watch
Sunbarr's Sonya of Kirklea
Sunbarr's Star Bright
Ch Sunbeam
Ch Sundance of Malora
Sverkai of Millvale
Sybilla of Haywra
Sylph of Barnaigh
Synder's Prince Omar
Synders Riz-La

Line Rainbow

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